Digital X-Rays

Less Radiation
One of the benefits of using digital X-ray technology is that images are instant. No time is wasted developing. The sensor is extremely sensitive to X-rays and, therefore, a lot less X-ray exposure is used to produce an image. According to the manufacturer, there is an 80- 90% reduction in radiation exposure compared to conventional dental X-ray film.

Greater Diagnostics

In addition to the convenience of immediate images, the digital system is capable of zooming in on problem areas, utilizing imaging tools built into the software to improve the analysis of the images – an impossibility with traditional film X-rays. With this capability, even the patient can easily see for themselves the problems that they are having with their teeth. And through this technology, you get more information with less radiation.

Environmentally Friendly

Another benefit of digital x-rays is the elimination of processing. Film and processing liquids related to traditional X-rays are an environmental hazard and, at present, can be legally “dumped down the drain.” Additionally, there’s no misfiling or misplacing of a patient’s X-ray films! These images are archived on a hard drive and can be retrieved and printed on paper instantly, or e-mailed to another dentist or insurance company. And thanks to digital X-ray technology, they can be safely stored forever.

 Sterilization and Infection Control

Comfort comes in many forms. Our sanitary standards create a worry-free environment that extends beyond your visit.

All instruments are heat-sterilized after each patient’s use through a process called autoclaving. Items that are not heat-sterilized are disposed of and a new one is used for each patient.

Our office strictly meets or exceeds the safety and sterilization guidelines recommended by the American Dental Association and OSHA. We constantly upgrade our infection control techniques by frequently attending courses and holding regular staff meetings so as to insure your safety and peace of mind. Some of the techniques we employ include:

  • Wearing gloves, masks, and protective eyewear during each patient examination and treatment
  • Sterilizing all instruments placed intra-orally in an autoclave or ultrasonic cleaner for germ free use
  • Cleaning and sanitizing each exam room fixture regularly to eliminate bacteria and its development
  • Consistently using a contracted sterilization monitoring service to ensure the effectiveness of equipment
  • Utilizing safety techniques to prevent cross-contamination by properly disposing of all products that are unable to be sterilized
  • Sterilization of all dental hand-pieces
  • Covering patient chairs, x-ray units, and light handles with disposable plastic wraps

 In-room Entertainment

For your comfort and ease, each treatment room is equipped with two flat screen LCD televisions – one mounted on the dental chair and the other in the ceiling. These flat screen monitors provide both entertainment and patient education to help explain your dental needs. You can watch a DVD, cable television or even listen to your favorite CD during your dental procedure. It’s so comfortable you may not want to leave!